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How To Make Extra Money For Your Storage Company

The self-storage business in the United States is valued at $38 billion. Despite recessions and shifts in economic structures, self-storage buildings continue to boom. As a storage company owner, you’ve made the right real estate investment. But this also means you have competition in a saturated market. 

How can you stand out from the crowd? Try taking a second look at your storage boxes.

Those custom storage boxes can help grow your business.

The Need For Storage

There are over 44,000 self-storage facilities across the United States. To put that into perspective, there are only 14,027 McDonald's restaurants. This means a lot of Americans not only need the extra space, but they are using it too. If there are so many storage facilities, they must be profitable, right? As of 2018, the self-storage profit margin is 11 percent, making this one of America's most profitable small businesses.

While being that profitable is great, there’s always room to make an extra dollar. That’s where custom storage boxes come into play. 

The Need For Custom Storage Boxes

What do people need when they transfer their things into storage? Boxes. 

Increase convenience for your customers by offering storage boxes at a low price. Almost nothing makes consumers happier than convenience. Plus, it’s an easy way to make your business an extra buck. 

The opportunity doesn’t end there. When you choose to customize the boxes you offer, you’re creating brand awareness for your business. When your tenants pack up their items, they see your logo. When they visit their storage unit, they’ll see your logo. When they take their boxes out of storage, they’ll see your logo. And if they move, your custom storage boxes move with them too. That means more eyeballs for your business. 

Make an extra dollar all while you’re marketing your storage business. Shop custom storage boxes.

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