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Be Part of Brandable Box's Sustainability Leaderboard

Sustainability has always been a core value to Brandable Box. With the rise of ocean levels, pollution levels and carbon emission levels, we recognize that we need to make some changes. Businesses are pledging to go green to help save the planet and we want to help. In fact, helping is part of our mission. We want to bring affordable and recycled custom boxes to businesses of every size. We’ve served businesses of all sizes across the country and we’re proud of the savings we’ve reached together.

We couldn’t have done any of this without the dedication of our customers, so we want to highlight Brandable Box’s top 15 environmental leaders from our customer base! 

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We’ve calculated how many trees, gallons of water and more you save by purchasing even just two bundles of boxes from us. Let’s break down our 2019 savings. 

This year alone, you’ve saved: 

2,869 Trees

1.2 Million Gallons of Water

169 Tons of C02

843,750 KWHs of Electricity 

506 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space

To put this in perspective, just one tree can produce enough oxygen for four people. Only 3% of water on Earth is freshwater, and only 0.5% of that water is drinkable. Just one gallon of water is enough to provide one person with drinking and sanitation water for three days. One ton of carbon dioxide has the same volume as 500 Empire State Buildings. The savings speak volumes for our home.

We’re so proud to see how much of a difference our customers, like you, have helped us make over the last year. And we’re even prouder to highlight the leaders who helped us get to these savings. Here’s how the environmental leaderboard works: 

How are these savings calculated?

Luckily for us, the EPA breaks down the big numbers to help consumers better understand environmental savings. The EPA's numbers are based on tons, and since one ton of paper is hard to put into perspective, we broke it down more specifically into how many boxes come from one ton of paper. We hope this helps you better understand your impact on the environment.

One ton of recycled paper breaks down to 16 or 17 trees saved. And thanks to our parent company we also know how much water, carbon dioxide and electricity go into making boxes. With these base numbers, our team is able to calculate how our boxes translate into environmental savings. 

How are these leaders chosen?

We’ve broken down our customers by the number of boxes ordered per quarter. Measuring our leaders this way helps easily translate boxes sold into environmental savings. To put it simply, the more boxes you've ordered, the bigger the environmental impact is and the higher your chances are of getting on the board! 

What do these leaders receive?

Each one of our quarterly environmental leaders receives a badge, a simple icon you can proudly display on your website. This badge will help show your customers you’re dedicated to sustainability — all the way down to your packaging. Oh, and did we mention you get serious bragging rights? 

So, why does this matter? Consumers are looking for sustainable goods and services at a growing rate. By 2021, the sustainability market will reach $150 billion as 88% of consumers look for brands to help them make a difference. The opportunity for you to showcase your dedication to sustainability is huge. We’re here to help you do that. 

Haven’t bought Brandable Box recycled custom shipping boxes yet? Don’t worry. As a business owner, there are many other ways you can showcase your dedication to sustainability. By making just one small change like pledging to stop using plastic straws or plastic bags, you can make a difference by taking up less space in landfills.

With your help, we can continue to make a difference for our home. We make boxes. You help save the planet.

Want to see who's on our leaderboard? Check out our top 15 sustainability leaders here.

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