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Why Your Shopify Store Needs Custom Packaging [Video]

If you’ve ever ordered anything from Amazon, you’ll likely recognize that bright blue tape and wide A-Z smile on the packaging—even from yards away.

Why? Because Amazon has done an excellent job of branding their box. So good of a job, in fact, that getting an Amazon delivery isn’t just about what you ordered, it’s an entire experience. Amazon’s box branding says: “Your package is here!” and inspires emotions like joy, anticipation, and happiness. It can happen every time you get a delivery and see that Amazon branding, and it’s incredibly powerful.

What ecommerce business wouldn’t want that experience for their customer?

If you’re an ecommerce company that uses Shopify, custom printed packaging may seem out of reach. You may think your audience is too small, your price point isn’t high enough or maybe it’s just not in your marketing budget. 

But here’s why your Shopify store should think about custom boxes a little differently.


Custom Printed Packaging: The Marketing Tool You Never Knew You Needed

Traditional or digital advertising is often extremely expensive to any startup or ecommerce small business. Sometimes, it’s not an option at all. Does that mean you shouldn’t advertise? Absolutely not. You just have to promote creatively. One way to do that is to consider custom printed packaging.

Adding your logo to your shipping boxes automatically helps increase your brand awareness. More eyes on your brand means more curiosity, which could lead to more business. In fact, 61% of consumers get more excited about receiving a package from that brand based on packaging, according to a study from DotCom Distribution. The study also found that when customers are happy with a brand, they’re more likely to recommend it to their peers.  

Custom printed shipping boxes may be the hidden marketing tool you never knew your business needed.

The Cherry on Top of Your Perfectly Procured Product 

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating your products. The hours of hard work on your products won’t go unnoticed by your customers, but your packaging might. You shouldn’t have to put your creativity on pause when it comes to your shipping box. Create your own custom shipping boxes to give your products the packaging they deserve.

Just like your products, your box can showcase your brand and ingenuity, so don’t put your creativity on pause when it comes to your shipping box. From your company colors to your business logo, there are quick and easy ways to create a show-stopping design that grabs your customer’s attention, puts your company experience front and center, and cohesively shares your brand.

It’s easier than you think. The same way Shopify makes it easy for you to run your website and manage your orders (we use Shopify, too!), Brandable Box makes it easy for you to get branded boxes. 

In less than five clicks, you can have perfectly procured custom printed boxes for your perfectly procured products. But what’s the true benefit for your business? According to the study from DotCom Distribution, premium packaging is more likely to influence shoppers to make repeat purchases. 

Premium packaging can be as simple as a logo on the box, a few promotional materials on the inside or even full customization. Any of those will increase your chances of shoppers making repeat purchases.  

Create a Better Unboxing Experience for Your Consumers

Here’s a short exercise: Put yourself in the mindset of a consumer. Would you rather open a plain brown box or a custom printed box? Let's assume you said custom packaging. According to a study, product packaging has the potential to trigger impulsive buying even for consumers with no intention to make a purchase. 

So does the unboxing experience matter? The answer is yes — and it’s easier to create a fully custom experience than you probably think. From a custom printed box to tissue paper and promotional content, here’s a complete guide to making a powerful statement with your packaging.

As a Shopify store owner, or any ecommerce store owner, you have very few touchpoints with your customer. The number of opportunities you have to wow your customers the same way physical retailers do are much smaller. Because of this, your customers are buying an experience with your entire brand when they shop online. Taking the touchpoints you do have, like boxes, and turning them into memorable moments can go a lot farther than you could probably imagine.

In the past, brand extension efforts like custom packaging were associated with large companies. Only big businesses were able to make an effort to size boxes appropriately for the product, find sustainable options, and provide a personal touch to connect with customers.  But today, it’s clear custom shipping boxes are not just for big companies anymore.

Just like Shopify solving problems for e-commerce small business owners, Brandable Box helps solve for custom packaging. With quality boxes that are made from 100% recycled paper, Brandable Box helps small businesses create the perfect first (and second) impression with custom boxing options. So if you’re interested in finding out how affordable this marketing strategy for your business can be, talk with us about getting your logo on your shipping boxes today.

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