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Behind The Sustainability Practices Of Our Parent Company, Pratt Industries

Brandable Box is proud to have Pratt Industries as our parent company. They work hard to make sure that we can provide you with sustainable, yet durable corrugated boxes. We are even more proud of the fact that Pratt Industries, holds a strong commitment to maintaining sustainable business practices. Here are a few of the ways they honor this commitment.

Pratt Industries works hard to optimize packaging and reduce fiber consumption. They run 100% recycled paper mills that rely on a highly skilled workforce and cutting-edge technology to provide you with boxes. And every year Pratt recovers 2.2 million tons of paper and other recyclable materials that contribute to the production of every single corrugated box.

Their main focus is on reclaiming fiber through old corrugated containers and mixed paper. They turn that fiber into the 100% recycled shipping boxes (including the ones we sell!). This process allows for our team and your company to help protect the environment by simply using these boxes over something else less sustainable. 

Pretty cool, right? Read more about our parent company’s sustainability efforts here.


This article was written by our digital marketing intern, Redding Byrd. 

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