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Meet Brandable Box: Custom Shipping Boxes For Your Business

Your business is more than just your product. Each touchpoint you have with your customer is an extension of your brand — that includes your shipping boxes. So why not make a lasting impression? That’s where Brandable Box comes in to help.

Brandable Box was launched to help businesses, big or small, create the custom shipping boxes their products deserve. We can help you create boxes that will impress your customers from the very start. Pick out the size and quantity of boxes you need so we can get your custom boxes designed for you. 

But you know what our team has noticed the most? Over 50% of the quotes requested from small businesses want just a logo on their shipping boxes. Simple, clean and effective customization that doesn’t cost a fortune. We heard your requests and now we’re answering. The Brandable Box team has officially launched a new line of custom shipping boxes with just your company logo. The best part is that it costs us less to make, which means we can pass on the savings to you.

Any business owner can pick a box size from any of our in-stock standard sizes, upload your logo and choose the quantity. Custom shipping boxes ordered in as little as three clicks. Did we mention we have the lowest prices on the market for branded boxes? You’ll be saving money, helping protect the environment with recycled boxes and impressing your customers.


Here’s what makes Brandable Box truly special:

Simple Process — We value the blend of timely service with hands-on customer care. That’s why we guarantee to manage the construction of your custom boxes efficiently and personally.

Quick Turnaround – We’ll have your fully custom boxes printed and shipped from our warehouse within an average of 7-9 business days of your approved design. And shipped in 4-6 business days for your custom boxes with your logo.  

100% Recycled & Made in the USA — We pride ourselves on helping save the earth and creating a positive global impact. Without sacrificing quality, Brandable Box custom shipping boxes are made in an ecologically and ethically responsible way.

Digital Print — With our digital print technology there’s no need for expensive tooling or getting locked into only one design. That means no print plate, no setup fees and no added costs for customization.

Low Minimum Orders – Order your boxes for as low as $7 for 25 boxes that all include your logo for free. Skip the tooling and setup fees.

Quality — Our boxes are the same exact quality as our competitors all while being made from recycled materials.

If you haven't decided on what kind of custom shipping boxes you want, we get it. It can be hard to understand all your options and make a decision without feeling overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve broken down the differences between a simple logo on a shipping box and fully custom shipping boxes.

If you use Shopify, Etsy or social media to sell your products, you’ll likely want to start off with simple shipping boxes with your logo. Why? You don’t have to spend a decent chunk of your marketing budget on custom shipping boxes. When your small business opts for just a logo, you can save almost 50% on your boxes. Plus, you’ll still get customization. Your business is getting the best of both worlds.

If you’re a premium-priced business, you’ll likely have a little more wiggle room to spend budget on flap-to-flap customization. For a lot of small businesses, it’s hard to justify spending $3 per fully custom box to ship a product that has a price point of $5. If your products have a higher price point, it’s much easier to spend money on a custom mottled white box with a logo.

Whichever path your business chooses, it will be worth the wait. Your custom shipping boxes could be the missing marketing tool you never knew you needed. 

Brandable Box – It’s time to think inside the box.

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