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Brandable Box's 10 Favorite Environmentally Friendly Companies

It’s no secret that consumers want to shop from more sustainably-focused brands. In fact, 48% of Americans say they would change their consumption habits all together to reduce their impact on the environment. But what does that have to do with brands? Many companies have heard consumers desires for more environmentally friendly practices and some brands have really embraced these consumer desires. While our team is proud to offer environmentally friendly products such as recycled shipping boxes, we wanted to highlight a few other brands who are doing more than just business.

Here’s our team’s 10 favorite environmentally friendly brands. 


Trees are important to the Brandable Box team. They’re also important to the company, Ecosia. Ecosia has made easy for internet users to search the web and plant trees simultaneously. It works like this: a user downloads the extension to their browser and search the same way you would in any regular search engine. Any time Ecosia receives revenue from their ads via their search engine, the company plants a tree. They’ve already planted over 60 million trees and are on their journey to plant one billion by 2020


Sustainability is a word that comes with a few different meanings, especially in the beauty community. But Davines is doing it right. The Italian-founded, international beauty brand is committed to creating renewable energy and offsetting their carbon dioxide emissions and they have been since 2006. Their product packaging is carbon neutral and use naturally-derived ingredients in their products. 


As a certified B Corporation, like most of the others on this list, method cleaning products are made from non-toxic ingredients and are packaged in a more exciting way than your average sprays and soaps. method works to create their iconic cleaning bottles from 100% recycled plastic to avoid more waste and they’re continuously working to reduce their carbon footprint all together across their business. 

Tinlid Hat Company 

Started in 2014 by two good friends on a disc golf course, Tinlid Hat Company was born. But the company decided they wanted to make sure their business was serving a greater good, like planting trees. Since the first hat sold, Tinlid Hat Company has planted over 100,000 trees. As they grow, they continue to dedicate their business to environmental responsibility.

Boxed Water 

It’s no secret that plastic water bottles aren’t good for the environment. That’s why Boxed Water decided to do something about it. They’re working to fulfill the need for packaged water in a more eco-conscious way that allows the company to give back to the planet. Their boxes are made from three-quarters renewable raw materials and they are 100% recycled materials. Not only is the company skipping plastic, but they have two strategically placed filling locations that allow them to have a much smaller carbon footprint. 


As one of the most notable brands in the outdoor apparel category, Patagonia is no stranger to environmental responsibility. In fact, the massive company takes the time to audit the materials and methods they use to create their products and they’re consistently examining how they use their resources to avoid creating more waste. They even recycle worn clothing once it’s beyond repair to make sure nothing goes to waste. 

New Belgium Brewing Company

Colorado-based brewery, New Belgium Brewing, lives out sustainability throughout every aspect of their business. That includes the materials they source to create their thirst-quenching brews. They divert 99.9% of their waste from landfills and keep up of their natural resource usage on a monthly basis. When it comes to drinking a beer? They suggest right from the tap into your chilled renewable bottle or cup. 

Seventh Generation

The cleaning products focused company believes a company can make money and do good. Seventh Generation creates cleaning products that are completely plant-based and their packaging is made from recycled materials (plus, it’s easy to recycle). All the ingredients are real compared to synthetic scents and harmful toxins other cleaning products. They’re even working to make sure every ingredient comes from a sustainable source. Seventh Generation is taking care of the next generation … and then seven generations more. 


WasteZero has a simple mission: to cut the amount of trash in the United States in half. They currently work with over 400 towns, cities and more to help residents reduce waste, increase recycling and save money. Which brings a better quality of life to residents in the area. As a certified B Corporation, they’re truly living out their sustainable efforts and responsibility. 


Outdoor gear brand, Cotopaxi, is committed to sustainable business practices and design. Ethics is important to Cotopaxi through every step of the process including design, manufacturing and sales. Their materials are ethically sourced and focused on avoiding waste.  

How can your business go green? Start by taking a look at your process and material sourcing — how much waste can you avoid? If you want to start with an actionable step, choosing to sell your products in recycled boxes is one simple step that can go a lot farther than you can imagine. With Brandable Box, you can get 100% recycled shipping boxes with an extra bonus — you can customize your shipping box with your logo. Browse custom shipping boxes.

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