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Announcing Our Rebranding — A New Website, Logo, And Service

In the next month, things will look different on The Brandable Box team has been working on a rebrand that will better serve our customers’ needs. We’re excited to share what will be changing and what users, old and new, can expect when the rebranding takes place.

What will change, and what won’t

What exactly does our rebranding entail? We’ll be getting a fresh, new look. Our logo, typeface, colors and imagery like photography and icons will change. 

Along with our new look, we will be introducing a brand new custom packaging design tool that will give you more control over your packaging. You’ll get the reins when it comes to design. Start with uploading your logo using our simple upload process, then use our new tool to place it where you want it to go on your box. But you won’t want to stop there.

Our new design tool will also include professionally-designed templates of patterns and colors to achieve a quick and easy, best-in-class look without any design experience! If you choose, you’ll have the ability to completely customize your package with our easy-to-use tools and available asset library — for free. The possibilities for enhancing your brand and message will be endless.

As you’re designing or uploading your logo, you’ll also be able to view live, 3D previews of your packaging directly on your screen so you know exactly what your boxes will look like before you submit your order.

After our new website launches, you’ll notice a few other changes. Custom bubble mailers and GreenBox Pizza Boxes will temporarily be taken off our site. You’ll still be able to see and customize our custom shipping boxes, custom mailer boxes, and custom white pizza boxes. Since our bubble mailers and GreenBox Pizza Boxes will not be available on our new website, you won’t be able to customize these two products using our new tool. However, if you do need to place an order or reorder these items, you’ll still be able to do so by sending us an email at

Production times will stay the same. You can still expect your custom packaging to be produced as fast as three business days. Our packaging will also still be made from up to 100% recycled materials and produced by us, the manufacturer, in our own recycling, corrugating, and box manufacturing plants here in the USA.

How we got here

Brandable Box started out as a custom shipping box company with just five stock sizes and the ability to print a logo on two joining sides of the box. As we’ve grown, thanks to our customers, we’ve expanded beyond just shipping boxes and now offer different packaging types to fit your needs. 

Today, we help thousands of businesses get the packaging they need to send along their products to their customers.

Since the beginning, ease-of-use and simplicity has been a core part of our service. We plan to keep simplicity at our core as we move into this next phase of our business.

What to look for next

With our rebranding will come lots of questions about how to navigate our new website, how to place an order, and where to find resources or products. We’re anticipating these questions and more, and we’re excited to answer them for you and show you around when the time comes.

To help answer these questions, we’ll be sending out a series of emails highlighting how to use our new website, how to place an order, and how to reorder if you are an existing customer. Until then, feel free to reach out to us with any questions. Send us an email at!

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