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Experienced eBay Sellers Win With Better Shipping: Here’s How

Sellers win with better eBay shipping practices by using packaging as an opportunity to create a continued impression on their customers. Sellers pay attention to packaging because experience shows the way you package is as important as the item itself. By choosing appropriate packaging, packaging methods and branding, you can create a winning shipping experience too.

It is important to choose the right size box for the item you are shipping on eBay. This will help ensure the item is supported within the packaging, and that it is shipped at the correct cost for its size.  

Make sure to wrap each item in the box and eliminate any wiggle room. Using bubble wrap, air pillows, or packing peanuts is great, and even better if they are recycled, or biodegradable. If your packaging budget is small, start saving the packaging that comes in packages you receive and use this as a primer to help you get started. You can always recycle newspapers and paper for packing too. Your customers will appreciate the effort and extra steps you put into packaging as it shows you took care to make sure their purchase arrived intact.

Another way eBay sellers increase success with eBay shipping, while instilling buyer confidence and satisfaction, is through branding. Branding your packaging and other marketing elements is a step any size business can benefit from and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Several branded packaging options are available. Some eBay sellers use branded boxes. Brandable Box offers branded boxes for the same price as plain brown shipping boxes. You might also consider using branded stickers or stamps on new, recycled or repurposed boxes you can add branding to yourself.

A consistent image can be beneficial for sales by generating customer recognition. Familiarity with your brand is more likely to bring customers back, while simultaneously establishing your brand as a serious and professional business. 

Experienced ebay sellers recognize that how they package can reflect on their eBay feedback. The eBay feedback platform provides an opportunity for engagement by buyers and sellers and offers an easy way for potential buyers to decide if they want to do business with you. By taking steps to ensure a smooth eBay shipping experience, from the box you use, to your packing and branding methods, eBay shippers are more likely to receive feedback that reflects their effort, and creates repeat customers.

If you’re just starting out, or a seasoned seller, paying attention to eBay shipping practices can improve your buyers’ experience, and your brand image.

From box and packaging quality, to the consistency of your logo on the package, product packaging is an opportunity to communicate what your brand stands for, and a win not only for the seller, but for the buyer too.



 This article was written by our content freelancer, Danna Pentes

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