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How to Use Our Box Dielines

Before you upload your logo or artwork file, feel free to use these resources below to guarantee your designs will look the way you want. Brandable Box dielines are available to download as documents for five of our box sizes. Our dielines demonstrate the size restraints of the small logo and the large logo upgrade. These files will help you determine which logo size will work best for you and help you better prepare your artwork for fast production.
Please note that our dielines are for a visual only. We offer several different customization options but can only print one art file or logo on each elected sides of our standard or regular custom boxes at the moment. View our customization options on each product page. Visit our Preparing Logo Files page to ensure your logo file is ready for production.
Want a short cut? Once your artwork is finalized and approved, select all of your text layers and use this keyboard shortcut to outline:
Mac: Cmd + Shift + O PC: Ctrl + Shift + O
Tip: We use the View Outlines Tool to see all of the artwork and font outlines and ensure that everything is print-ready. To see what we see before printing, follow this path from the toolbar:
View > Outline
Or, just try this shortcut to switch the view:
Mac: Cmb + Y PC: Ctrl + Y
Upload your outlined logo and we'll take it from there. Shop custom boxes now.
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