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5 Essential Qualities of Shipping Boxes for Small Business

Have you received a package recently? If so, what was the first thing you noticed? It was most likely the shipping vessel itself. You’re not alone in where your attention goes. 72% of Americans say the design of a product’s packaging influences their decision to purchase from a company.

The way your product arrives makes a difference in the eyes of your customer. Your package is also the first physical impression your customer will have of your brand. 

It’s no wonder that today, more and more businesses are paying attention to their products’ packaging. While there are an overwhelming amount of options for you to choose from, there are distinguishing factors in the boxes that will have the greatest impact on your business growth.

Here are five essential qualities of shipping boxes for small business.

Good Value

When it comes to custom shipping boxes, value matters. Why settle for a plain, brown box when you can get custom boxes just as easily and quickly? We make affordable boxes possible with a low cost per unit regardless of order quantity. 

The way we print and customize also allows you to save. In a survey by Brandable Box, we found that 51% of respondents would prefer to just print their logo on a box as opposed to fully custom printed or plain brown shipping boxes. 

Your shipping box’s production remains efficient and affordable through our automation process. Our easy logo upload tool lets you upload your logo from any device. Our consistently affordable prices also stem from optimized packaging and production. We’re backed by Pratt Industries, the fifth largest corrugated packaging industry in the United States. Minimizing production materials and sourcing means savings for your customers and lower shipping box production fees for your small business. 

Stand Out From the Crowd

Studies have shown that custom boxes keep customers coming back for more. That’s why big brands like Amazon and Target ship in boxes with their iconic logos printed on the sides. 

Custom shipping boxes for small business is a major area of untapped opportunity, as one study reports that only 11% of online customers find their ecommerce packaging truly memorable.

Not only are the branded boxes you need to impress your customers affordable, they’re also accessible. Brandable Box gives you easy online access to the shipping boxes for small business you’ve been searching for. 

Increase Your Brand Value

Your target market has its sights set on leaving a positive impact on their environment. According to a study from IBM and the National Retail Federation, 70% of consumers in the US and Canada value brands that are sustainable. With each passing day, we become increasingly aware and vigilant about actively seeking and purchasing from businesses with sustainable practices as our reliance on ecommerce grows. Consumers care about the environment, and this influences their purchasing decision.

Recycled custom shipping boxes for small business from Brandable Box are wins for the environment and the growth of your consumer base. Now you can be a part of the change we’d all like to see in the world.

The Right Sizes

Choosing the right box size is crucial for your business in several ways. The wrong box size can affect either your shipping costs or the integrity of your product during transportation. Pay attention to any size limitations set by your shipping carrier and don’t forget to take dimensional weight into account!

Brandable Box offers a few in-stock sizes that are sure to get the job done for your products. We’ve taken several different industries and needs into account when choosing our box sizes. We’re also constantly learning from our small business customers to bring on new in-stock box sizes that will continue to serve your needs. 

Support to Stay Afloat

Brandable Box is dedicated to fueling all of our services with the passion needed to support budding businesses. We’re a small business ourselves, and we’ve learned a thing or two about what customers need. We care for our customers by propelling them towards success with product support, sharing best practices and low-cost products. 

Recent studies show that most customers consider a product more valuable when it is housed in custom packaging. It’s key to dictate your brand’s perception and effectively highlight the exclusivity of your product. With Brandable Box’s logo printing services, you can increase your brand’s worth. 

Every business, no matter how big or small, deserves to reap the benefits of recycled, economical custom boxes. Keep an eye out for more ecommerce-savvy tips from Brandable Box so you can find the best shipping boxes for small business. We have the time and money-saving products you need to remain ahead of the curve.

This article was written by our content freelancer, Brianna Washington.

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