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Small Business Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Marketing technology company BrightEdge took a look at ecommerce companies across several different industries and found that online shopping is expected to increase this year compared to last year. While the increase may not be a surprise, it’s worth noting that retail practices have also shifted to accommodate the surge in online traffic. 

Many major retailers will no longer be holding Black Friday events in stores, but will instead be shifting their sales online. In turn, many smaller businesses will also be holding more online sales since that’s where customers will be spending their time. 

In an effort to highlight just a few small businesses out of the 31.7 million in the US, we’re showcasing 15 of our small business customers in our 2020 holiday gift guide. We’re lucky to get to serve these brands and hope you’ll find something you love for your friends, family, or for yourself.

These business owners have poured their hearts and souls into creating and curating beautiful products for their customers. And you may just receive your order in a Brandable Box custom box.

Dive in and check everyone off your gift list.

Bark on Mulford

In the Rockford Illinois area? Stop by Bark on Mulford’s brick and mortar for essential to luxury pet gear, products and treats. Perfect for your friend or family member whose furry friend is the apple of their eye. 

bark on mulford custom shipping box
Photo from Bark on Mulford


Vida Bars

We love an eco-friendly brand dedicated to reducing waste. Vida Bars produces solid shampoo and conditioners. Made from natural ingredients, each bar set is the equivalent of 2-3 bottles of product. All the ingredients for each bar — shampoo and conditioner, can be found listed on their website.

Founder Ana created Vida Bars during her own journey to find hair products free of sulfates, silicones, alcohols and mineral oils. Along her journey, she noticed the amount of bottles she had accumulated and looked for eco-friendly options. When she couldn’t find any, she decided to create her own option.

packing vida bars into custom shipping box
Photo from Vida Bars

Bone-In Food

In the New Jersey area? Get farm to door grass-fed meats, bone broth, dairy and more delivered weekly. Bone-In Food is a food delivery service that sources from local farms in New Jersey. 

Bone-In was created with the intention to make the cleanest and most sustainable foods available to its surrounding community. Bone-In wanted to help spread the produce and meats from nearby suburban farmers to the more urban city areas. You can order online anytime. Just choose your delivery location, day and time. Bone-In Food then submits your order to the local farmers. You or your recipient will receive your fresh products and meat at the chosen time and day.

bone-in food custom shipping box
Photo from Bone-In Food



For the restless sleeper, expecting mother, or growing toddler, the Pillowsheet makes the perfect snuggly gift. The Pillowsheet is exactly what it sounds like — pillows are built into a bed sheet that fits over your bed. The built in pillows help with relaxation, snoring, stress relief and achy muscles. Help your child or partner get better rest at night with the Pillowsheet.


The Baconarium

For the bacon lover who’s always taking the last slice. Get them their own premium bacon from The Baconarium. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, The Baconarium handmakes all their own bacon in small batches. The pork is pasture-raised or organic and is sourced from farms across the US. The Baconarium slow-cures the meat and smokes it with hardwood in small batches with fresh ingredients. 

There are 9 different varieties of thick-cut bacon to choose from, many of which you won’t be able to find elsewhere. The bacon is so fresh, by the time you receive it, it may only have been 11-18 days since they received the initial shipment of pork.

The Baconarium


Inspired by the package free shampoos and conditioner bars from Vida Bar? Don’t stop there. Get the whole package with handcrafted soaps and scrubs. 

Each soap product is created with vegan, paraben-free and animal cruelty-free ingredients. The soaps are created in small batches and come in several different delicious sounding scents like mocha and pumpkin spice pie. 

oloeology shipping box
Photo from Oleology Soap

Red Bear Farm

Support another small batch, handcrafted bar soap business by choosing Red Bear Farm. All the ingredients Red Bear Farm uses for its soaps can be found on the website.

Many of the ingredients used in the soap bars are grown in the founder’s own garden. Some ingredients include chamomile, burdock, turmeric, dandelion, sage, and even beer and apple cider.

orange cream popsicle soap red bear farm
Orange cream popsicle - triple butter soap from Red Bear Farm

Konfections by Konfetti

For the cookie fanatic who wants to get into cookie decorating. Konfections by Konfetti is the perfect gift. Located in Elk Grove, California, Konfections by Konfetti offers private cookie decorating classes. Supplies are provided and students get to take home 5-6 cookies.

If you’re not yet ready for a class, grab a cookie decorating kit or pre-decorated cookies.


Located in Olton, Texas, Fleurish is a fashion and apparel brand that launched in 2012. Choose from jewelry, tops, bottoms and even home decor. If you’re not able to visit the boutique in Texas, you can shop online.

Little Mount Lavender

For the lavender lover in your life. Little Mount Lavender Company produces pure and natural lavender-based products. From soap to essential oils to body butter, you’ll find a product that will help fill the senses with relaxing and calming lavender. 

Little Mount Lavender Company grows its own lavender on its farm in Kentucky. The farm is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and chooses local suppliers for containers and ingredients whenever possible.

Little Mount Lavender

Park Lane Pantry

For the granola lover who also loves supporting a good cause. Park Lane Pantry was founded in 2019 by Elaine Pearlman, a granola lover who wanted to keep enjoying the crunch and taste of granola even after her battle with cancer. She created her perfect granola recipe that still has crunch and flavor, but is gluten-free vegan, non-GMO, free of canola oil, grains, soy and refined sugar. 

A percentage of all profits from Park Lane Pantry are donated to Dwight Powell’s Children and Family Support Fund at UT Southwestern Medical Center. The fund helps families and children without financial or emotional resources cope when a family member receives a cancer diagnosis.

Park Lane Pantry

Cajun Crate

A subscription box that gives you a taste of Louisiana. Each box gives you 7 or more full sized food or condiment items. Choose from monthly, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 month plans. 

Shipping is free, and Cajun Crate sources from well-known brands to farmers market finds. 

Cajun crate

Orion Coffee and Tea

For the coffee-lover in your life. Orion Coffee And Tea is a small batch coffee roaster that also offers over 20 loose leaf teas. Orion sells handcrafted blends by the bag or single-serve pods. 

And if your coffee-loving loved one isn’t able to take the time to make coffee, Orion also delivers bottled drinks locally in Montgomery, Warren, Fayette and other surrounding counties. 

orion coffee and tea
Orion Coffee and Tea

orion coffee and tea custom shipping box with orion logo, stack of books and coffee mug


For the friend who loves to wear a piece of their roots or childhood. HoodHat was founded on the basis of neighborhood culture and repping your story through baseball caps and apparel. HoodHat creates 100% Merino wool baseball caps that represent several different cities around the US and even around the world. 

Don’t see your preferred color combination on the site? You can customize your own baseball cap by choosing your color, a preferred neighborhood and thread color.


Elle Johnson

For the luxury skincare aficionado. Elle Johnson and Co provides luxury botanical skincare ranging from moisturizers to cleansers to face oils. We love the colors of the eye gels -- a light pink and bright blue -- and free shipping is provided on purchases over $50.

 Elle Johnson

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